A Comprehensive Solution for Modern Schools

For Founders, Directors & Trustees

Full Access

Get an overview of your school’s performance, manage critical data, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Multi-User Login

Set user roles and permissions to ensure secure access tailored to each staff member’s responsibilities.

Staff Payroll Management

Simplify salary administration, generate payslips, and effortlessly manage payroll tasks in a few clicks.

Easy Reporting

Track financial stats, staff attendance, payables, receivables, and more with intuitive reporting tools.

For Principals & Teachers

Access to Student Data

Effortlessly access student information, academic records, and teacher details for informed decision-making.

Attendance Management

Streamline attendance tracking, automate calculations, and maintain accurate attendance records.

Result Sheet & Report Card

Simplify result sheet preparation and marksheet generation with Vidyalaya ERP’s user-friendly features.

Communication Hub

Facilitate communication among staff, parents, and students through an integrated communication portal.

For Clerks & Accountants

Streamlined Fee Collection

Simplify fee collection with an organized system that ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Systematic Accounting

Maintain systematic accounting records, track expenses, and ensure financial transparency.

Automate Fee Reminders

Automatically send fee reminders to parents, reducing manual follow-ups and ensuring timely payments.

Financial Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports, including income, expenses, and budget summaries.

Are We a Good Fit for Your School

Our school management system is inclusive and gets better with your continuous feedback.
See if VidyalayaERP is the right software for your needs.

We could be a fit if

You aim to simplify your school’s administrative processes

You seek a user-friendly, all-in-one school management solution which caters to your specific needs

You prioritize the need for customizable and adaptable school solutions for future growth

You value and understand data-driven approach to enhance educational outcomes

You seek a partner who will support your school’s growth by reducing operational costs

We're probably not a fit if

You’re okay with maintaining records on Excel or on paper

You prefer flashy, complicated features over functionality

You’re looking for a basic, one-feature school solution

You’re okay with a school software that is difficult to use and offers limited customizations

You’re okay with using tools like WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. for internal communications

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100+ Schools & Still Counting

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is VidyalayaERP?

VidyalayaERP is the most advanced school administration software in India. It has various functional modules to organize and track your school activities like staff payroll, student records, admission, attendance, fees, examinations, and much more.

Can I use VidyalayaERP for free?

VidyalayaERP is free for lifetime if you’re considering the basic plan. You just have to pay a one-time setup fee (refer to pricing page) to get started.

Before paying the setup fee, can I see a demo?

Absolutely. Please register for a free demo of VidyalayaERP.

Why do schools need a school management software?

A school management software helps schools automate repetitive paperwork, save time, and reduce operational expenses.

Can I migrate my data from other school softwares to VidyalayaERP?

Yes, you can. If you can provide us the data in MS Excel format, our dedicated account manager can get the rest of the work done.

What if I don't like VidyalayaERP after subscribing?

Unlike other softwares, we don’t charge a high upfront fee. So before subscribing to monthly/yearly plans, we request you take up a free trial. If we are not a good fit, you may continue using the basic (free) plan or request to delete your account. Note that the setup fee is non-refundable.

What training resources are available for school administrators and teachers?

Our dedicated account manager will provide frequent training sessions, documentation, and even help you with implementations (at no extra cost) like fee configuration, examination setup, etc.

Can VidyalayaERP help in result announcements and report card generation?

Yes. VidyalayaERP includes features for result announcement and quick generation of report cards (or marksheets) with just one click.

Can VidyalayaERP handle large volumes of student and staff data?

Yes. VidyalayaERP is scalable and can efficiently manage large volumes of data.

Can I customize VidyalayaERP to fit the unique needs of my school?

VidyalayaERP is designed with flexibility in mind. You can customize certain features to meet specific requirements of your school.

Is VidyalayaERP a secure platform for managing sensitive school data?

Absolutely. The security of your data is our priority. We employ strong security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Can I access VidyalayaERP on mobile devices?

Yes. VidyalayaERP is accessible on mobile devices.

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