Transforming School Management

VidyalayaERP is more than just a school management software – it’s a comprehensive platform that streamlines every aspect of school administration. From admission management to examination scheduling, student attendance tracking to parent communication, our software is designed to simplify complex tasks and empower educators to focus on what they do best – educating young minds.

Student Admission Management

Manage all aspects of student admissions, from application submission to enrolment, with ease.

Student Information System

Effortlessly manage student records, track academic progress, and maintain comprehensive profiles with our intuitive student information management system.

Attendance Management

Taking and managing attendance is no longer a hassle with VidyalayaERP one-tap student attendance system.

Examination Management

A robust & comprehensive solution that allows you to simplify & automate the examination and evaluation process.

Fee Management

Manage your students' fees accurately and digitally with the most powerful and advanced fees management system.

Income & Expense Management

Keep a track of other income and expenses like electricity, telephone, miscellaneous bill etc. in one place.

Staff Management

Efficiently manage and track your staff's information, attendance, and activities in real-time with our innovative Staff Management portal.

Payroll Management

From monthly salary calculations to generating detailed reports, manage all your employee's financial records in a simple and automated fashion.

Staff Attendance Management

Track and manage employee attendance and leaves effortlessly with our intuitive Staff Attendance Management system.

Library Management

Manage the entire library in the same platform and keep a track of available books, issued books etc.

Study Materials

Collaborate with your students the easiest way. Send downloadable contents like assignments, study materials, syllabus etc. to students.

Communication Portal

Communicate effectively with staff, parents and students. Send instant notification via SMS/Email/App to a group or an individual.

Analytics & Reporting

Access to all the reports from a single platform and have complete visibility of everyday activities.


Easy to Use

A complete user friendly interface makes it easy for you to start using the platform within minutes of your first log in to the system.

Secure and Reliable

With advanced security features like encryption, audit logs, the platform conveniently protects your data, only allowing access to the users you authorize.

Mobile Accessibility

Allows everyone to access anything from any location or device, making it much easier to move work forward at any time.

Scalability & Flexibility

A dedicated team working constantly to improve the platform, thereby ensuring that Vidyalaya ERP will be able to meet your needs, regardless of complexity.

Designed with Simplicity.
Tons of Unique Features.

Our feature-rich platform is designed to simplify complex tasks, enhance communication, and elevate overall efficiency

Export Data

Export and download all report data in PDF or Excel format.

One Click Marksheet

Print single exam or consolidated report with a few clicks.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Instantly generate fee receipt from mobile and thermal printer.

Monitor Child Activity

Parents can monitor all the activities of their child.

Chart & Graph Analysis in Fees

Chart & graph representation of financial data for quick analysis.

Class Routine Schedule

Easily create and manage class routine schedules.

Result Announcement

Notify parents and students of their results though mobile app.

Online Fee Payment

Allow students/parents to pay their fees easily from their mobile app.

Print Records

Take printout of every record such as fee statement, student profile, result sheet etc.

Easy collaboration

Teachers can easily share assignments and study materials with students.

Instant Notification

Inform parents or students about marks, attendance, events with instant notifications.

Easy Accounting

Track student fees, expenses and income, all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is school management software?

School management software is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate various administrative tasks within educational institutions. It helps in managing student data, academic processes, communication, and overall school operations.

How does school management software benefit educational institutions?

School management software offers several benefits, including improved efficiency in administrative tasks, enhanced communication between stakeholders, better organization of academic data, and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

What makes VidyalayaERP stand out as a school management software?

VidyalayaERP stands out due to its comprehensive nature, covering all aspects of school administration from admission to examination management. It offers a user-friendly interface, customization options, and dedicated virtual assistant, making it a robust solution for educational institutions. In terms of pricing, you get the most value for your money with our affordable pricing structure designed to fit your budget

Can VidyalayaERP be tailored to suit the specific needs of our school?

Yes, VidyalayaERP is designed to be customizable, allowing schools to adapt the software to their unique workflows and requirements. It offers flexibility in module selection, configuration, and integration with existing systems.

How does VidyalayaERP simplify admission management for schools?

VidyalayaERP simplifies admission management by providing tools for online application forms, document management, applicant tracking, and fee collection. It streamlines the entire admission process, making it more efficient for both the school and applicants.

Does VidyalayaERP offer features for examination scheduling and management?

Yes, VidyalayaERP includes robust features for examination scheduling and management. It allows schools to create exam schedules, generate admit cards, process results, print customized consolidated marksheets and analyze exam performance seamlessly.

How does VidyalayaERP support student attendance tracking?

VidyalayaERP offers a simple one-tap student attendance system. It enables class teachers to quickly update students' attendance record from their own smartphone and monitor student attendance. It also provides options for integration with biometric devices for accuracy.

Can VidyalayaERP improve parent-school communication?

Yes, VidyalayaERP includes features to enhance parent-school communication, such as a parent portal and messaging system. It facilitates the sharing of important updates, notifications, and student progress reports with parents.

Is VidyalayaERP user-friendly and easy to implement?

Yes, VidyalayaERP is designed with user-friendliness in mind and offers a straightforward implementation process. It provides training and support to ensure a smooth transition for schools adopting the software.

What kind of support does VidyalayaERP provide to its users?

VidyalayaERP provides comprehensive support to its users, including initial onboarding assistance, ongoing support, and training sessions along with a dedicated virtual assistant. The support team is dedicated to helping schools maximize their usage of the software.

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