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Our Mission: Bridging the EdTech Gap

In Assam, over 80% of schools don’t have access to the right EdTech solutions. We’ve witnessed the struggle: existing solutions fall short in relevance, inclusivity, and affordability for Assam’s diverse educational landscape. Recognizing this gap, we have committed ourselves to a mission that goes beyond business – it’s about empowering schools, fostering progress, and shaping the future.

Our Vision: Inclusive, Accessible, and Affordable

We envision a future where every school in Assam, irrespective of its financial background, can harness the benefits of technology. Our school management software is more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for positive change. We aim to make technology accessible, ensuring that complexity and cost are no longer barriers but stepping stones toward a brighter educational landscape.

Tailored for Assam's Schools

Our solutions are crafted with Assam's unique educational challenges and aspirations in mind.


We believe in simplicity. Our user-friendly interface ensures that technology is an asset, not a hurdle.

Comprehensive Features

From administration to communication, our software covers all aspects, providing a holistic solution for schools.

Affordability for All

We understand the financial constraints schools face. Our commitment is to provide an affordable solution without compromising quality.

Deep Jyoti Bhuyan

"Innovation in education technology isn't just about creating products; it's about creating possibilities. At VidyalayaERP, we're driven by the belief that every school, educator, and every student deserves the best tools to thrive in a rapidly evolving world."

Deep Jyoti Bhuyan
Founder, VidyalayaERP

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